The frequency of the blower and the frequency of the mobile microwave oven are vary great

When you use it, it is best to clean once every 2 months; if you want the wind, you can adjust the air supply position, but you need to pay attention to it, don't deform the seaflo, or even cause more serious. If you use the comb, you will follow your hair and then lie back.

Through the introduction, you can blow up your hair, but it is also very else. due to cycle disorders. 2, after washing the head, we will wipe it with a towel, then have a towel to wrap it, then blow the hair to the whole dry, and then wrap it in a dry towel to avoid cold. The normal supply of blood is affected by a corner, low back pain, leg pain, etc. After washing your hair, you can't sleep right away.

The frequency of the blower and the frequency of the mobile microwave oven are vary great. The intensity required for electromagnetic fields of different frequencies is very different.The hair dryer is made from a set of electric wire and a small fan. In fact, the larger the power of the hair dryer, the stronger the radiation. However, the radiation of the electric blower belongs to the low frequency electromagnetic field, and the intensity of the human body is harmful than the radiation intensity of the electric blower.

When energizing, the electric wire generates heat, the wind blows out of the fan, turns into hot air. If it is just a small fan, and the electric wire is not hot, it is only no heat of the heat. Reminder: Although the hair dryer belongs to a high radiant electrical appliance, straightening brush as long as it is properly used, safety is still higher. For more information, how to reduce hairdryer radiation, all in it

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