The frequency of the blower and the frequency of the mobile microwave oven are vary great

When you use it, it is best to clean once every 2 months; if you want the wind, you can adjust the air supply position, but you need to pay attention to it, don't deform the seaflo, or even cause more serious. If you use the comb, you will follow your hair and then lie back.

Through the introduction, you can blow up your hair, but it is also very else. due to cycle disorders. 2, after washing the head, we will wipe it with a towel, then have a towel to wrap it, then blow the hair to the whole dry, and then wrap it in a dry towel to avoid cold. The normal supply of blood is affected by a corner, low back pain, leg pain, etc. After washing your hair, you can't sleep right away.

The frequency of the blower and the frequency of the mobile microwave oven are vary great. The intensity required for electromagnetic fields of different frequencies is very different.The hair dryer is made from a set of electric wire and a small fan. In fact, the larger the power of the hair dryer, the stronger the radiation. However, the radiation of the electric blower belongs to the low frequency electromagnetic field, and the intensity of the human body is harmful than the radiation intensity of the electric blower.

When energizing, the electric wire generates heat, the wind blows out of the fan, turns into hot air. If it is just a small fan, and the electric wire is not hot, it is only no heat of the heat. Reminder: Although the hair dryer belongs to a high radiant electrical appliance, straightening brush as long as it is properly used, safety is still higher. For more information, how to reduce hairdryer radiation, all in it

Set off the girl's forehead and eyebrows more delicate and pleasant look

The natural and vertical hair is not messy and more clean.6 new and fashionable bobo hair styles, stop cutting traditional bobo hair! Bobo hair styles are also very popular nowadays. It still looks like a Korean air bangs. White, individual and well-behaved visual sense, especially suitable for summer, it does not appear procrastinated but brings a sense of refreshing, full of fashion atmosphere.

The black-brown hair color is actually more obvious. The yellow tone of linen brown is not too obvious, and a little brown tone looks more temperamental! It is most suitable for fair-skinned girls to dye linen brown to make your complexion more fair. Among the linen colors, light linen is particularly attractive and is very popular among young women. Even the bangs have been air-permed and combined with the hairstyle. The sweet breath, thin and temperament.

The overall shape of the air perm looks very natural, and it also has a strong fashionable atmosphere with this year's hot short hair. The hair on the top of the head has a layered design and a bit Including the irregular dynamic breath, this short hair air perm style is very suitable for some girls with low hair volume to try, the simple style will not look very low-key. Although the shape looks messy, it looks very natural. Girls who like to take the sexy and cute Wholesale Curling Irons Factory route, don’t miss this short air-perm hair.

It can be said to be a hairstyle that enhances the charm. The curled arc design on the bottom has a good simple repair effect. The weight of the hair is biased towards the back of the head. This air-perm short hair looks very thin and cut. The kind of dynamic taste, set off the girl's forehead and eyebrows more delicate and pleasant look. The collocation of the eight-character bangs can outline the intellectual and generous temperament of women. After a simple air perm, the hair will have a natural messy feeling.

This embellishment looks dynamic, and there are typical foreheads. Many girls have natural hair that is relatively soft and smooth. The natural and non-contrived style looks simple and atmospheric with a strong Japanese style. It's a bit like an air perm hairstyle with a pear flower head.. The short hair cut to the chin position can outline a sexy clavicle line

The first is the black and the bottom is a natural 6-degree brown-yellow background

At the same time, when the hair is bleached, the warm pigments in the hair are short, so we We also need to use dye cream to make up for the loss of warm pigment in the hair, so the light yellow section underneath is bleached, and the dark color needs to be suppressed to make up for the loss of hair Warm pigment, the method I usually use is 5/0➕5/43➕water 1:1:1 (can ➕ a drop of low hydrogen peroxide) stay for about 20 minutes The color under the clock becomes darker, scrape it off and then dye it. You can dye the top first and then the bottom.

The first is the black and the bottom is a natural 6-degree brown-yellow background. Firstly, judge the background color and identify the color. The second situation is that the guests don’t want to be fashionable and want to do life-style coloring. The third kind is reddish or blackish, but blackish. Do not use one-step alteration techniques Finally, I want to dye our hair with two colors.

Today, let’s discuss how to dye the two hairs and which one is better in Chengdu Hairdressing School. Nowadays, almost all women can bear dyeing hair, so more At that time, what we often encounter in the hair salon is this two-section hair, one section is black and one section is other background colors, but virgin hair rarely dyes hair.

OK, the second type of Chengdu Hairdressing School, the upper hair may be eight to ten centimeters wide, and the lower one is four and a half to five degrees, dark brown,hot air styler Manufacturers then this There will be a problem, if we change the dye cream black in one step, it will appear, the effect of the pigmentation of the hair tail is not beautiful View, then why is it like this? Let’s analyze this hair about eight centimeters of new hair on the top, and four and a half degrees on the bottom. What should I do at this time? Since the natural pigment in the hair was lost after the last bleaching, the hair was too light.

Then you can. The best choice is the base color, but at this time, if we only use the base color, we will find that the yellow part at the bottom will turn dark blue. , The guests must wash their hair for such a long period of time, so is it possible to wash the hair without losing the pigment and brighten the color, so it can It is enough to show that the hair was dyed very deep last time, and most of the base colors were added, which led to the dark background color. For hair, the best way to do it is to directly dye the top of the list or dye it with a dark color that is the same as the color underneath